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A Professional Training and Coaching Organization That Goes Beyond Traditional Development Programs

Workshops & Consulting

Workshops & Consulting

  • Are you often angry or frustrated?

  • Do you feel alone, or that people misunderstand you?

  • Are your relationships too often a strain—or worse?

  • Have you ever felt you’re your own worst enemy?

  • Are you performing below your potential too much of the time?

  • Is it possible to achieve real peace of mind?


Need answers? Welcome to Authentic Technologies!

Life Skills for Achieving Harmony and Balance

Authentic Technologies courses and training products produce dramatic improvements in individual growth and productivity. 


Our programs teach you how to prosper personally and professionally. Based on the Core Balance© experiential learning model, they support the process of growth and accomplishment and empower you to move beyond the limitations of your comfort zone and achieve your desired results.


Both the transformational courses and the corporate workshops will teach you how to:


  • Reach your full potential and become a truly effective communicator 

  • Manage stress and change with ease

  • Solve problems effectively

  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships

  • Live your life with clarity and satisfaction

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