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Corporate Workshops

All programs can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs.

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Team Building

Create a productive, cohesive team.  Not just a soft-sided management function, but a hard-wired benchmarking process aimed at the bottom-line effectiveness of your organization.


This six-week program supports individuals and their teams to increase their accountability and communication, and maintain a proactive profile during times of corporate change.  Modules include: the accountability model, Vision clarification, alignment with the corporate vision, consensus building, and establishing teamwork norms by recognizing and appreciating resources within the team.


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Conflict Resolution

Minimize confrontation and transform conflict with objective, work-related solutions.


This program supports leaders to recognize warning signs of potential conflict.  Modules include: effective listening and communication facilitation, the accountability model, and reaching authentic consensus.

Effective Leadership

This workshop is a coaching and training program that will:


  • Enhance your own unique leadership style.

  • Facilitate accountability within your group or organization.

  • Improve your coaching ability.

  • Improve communication and effectively mediate conflict

  • Reduce stress among your personnel.

  • Introduce change effectively.

  • Develop necessary skills to strengthen team development.


This workshop is designed for managers who are new, want to improve their skills, or want to shift to leader and coach.

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Change Management

Accelerate your ability to accommodate change and take advantage of the opportunities that change brings.


This program is designed to help you maintain a proactive profile during corporate restructuring and downsizing.  Modules include: the cycles of transition, the accountability model, the six steps to effective change, and the sources of stress.

Stress Management

Reduce stress and transform fear into action and commitment.


This program offers individuals the opportunity to identify stressors in their environment that can lead to fatigue, exhaustion and burnout.  Modules include: the sources of stress, tools for self-improvement, effective ways of preventing burnout, and how to balance work and home life.

Sales and Customer Service

This program teaches staff how to more effectively:


  • Listen

  • Gain rapport

  • Overcome resistance

  • Experience greater fulfillment in their work


Participants are encouraged to bring real-life problems to the group. Through role-playing, feedback, and guidance they learn new, effective ways to defuse anger, deal with frustrated clients, and support people in making commitments.

Executive Coaching

Stay motivated from within and exceed your most optimistic expectations of personal productivity, regardless of external conditions.


This program consists of regular sessions, usually weekly, from one hour to half-day in length. Various levels of management focus on professionalism, ethical consideration, and maintaining corporate integrity.  Modules include: visioning techniques, coaching strategies, the accountability model, role-playing and group feedback, dialogue, and support.

Facing the Challenge

This two session program is for companies needing sales support or who are dealing with the problems change often brings.


In this program, participants learn how to:


  • Recognize their “triggers” and judge whether they’re taking appropriate action or merely striving to reestablish the status quo.

  • Know their own reaction patterns well enough to discern between “coping” and “creating” behaviors.

  • Take action responsive to the existing situation, not to previous conditioning or the Automatic need of personal survival.


This program will teach participants to stay motivated from within and exceed their most optimistic expectations of personal productivity, regardless of external conditions.


BRE Sponsor No. 4383

Facing the Challenge is approved for Five Bureau of Real Estate Continuing Education Credits. If you have completed the course and would like to submit your evaluation, the BRE course and instructor evaluation is available on the California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) website at Access this form by typing in “RE 318A” in the search box located in the upper right corner of the home page.

Vision Workshop

An authentic vision is built upon knowing what you do best (Core Competency) expresses your Core Values in visualizing what is possible for you to deliver and to whom, and calls you into inspired action (Mission).


“Where there is no vision, the people will perish” - Proverbs 29:18


You will learn to: 


  • Connect to your Core Competency

  • Create a compelling Vision for your Business

  • Connect to your Core Values

  • Create a compelling Mission

  • Use the Goals/Intentions Tool to Accelerate progress towards your Goals

  • Create the results you want in your Business and Life

Praise for Authentic Technologies'  Workshops:

Victor Salmons

Director, Application Technologies Group, Zebra Technologies

“Thanks for your significant contribution in bringing together a challenging group of technically oriented individuals and helping to form us into a single minded team.  Through your training we have been able to create one vision with a clear set of guidelines for success.


The team has tackled several missions, ranging from development and testing processes, creation of advanced metrics measurements and requirements definition improvements, all adding up to improve the timeframe and quality of our product development process. I can proudly say the results are an outcome of your personalized, heartfelt efforts. Thanks for all your help.”


H. Jay Kobitter

Director, Global Logistics, Zebra Technologies

“On behalf of the Zebra Global Logistics team, I would like to express our thanks and gratitude for your support and coaching. When we engaged your services my department was dysfunctional and failing. The department was more like a collection of individuals than a functional team.  All of that has changed now and I attribute the turn around to your program and to the tool kit that you provided to every team member. The team and I learned things about ourselves that will help us for the rest of our lives.


If you recall, our on-time shipping performance had hit a bottom of 70% and I am happy to report that we are now achieving 100% on-time performance. Our inventory location accuracy had plummeted to 60% and we have improved to 95%. You played a critical role in helping the associates and management understand their role in the company, to take pride in their work, and to get the job done. I am convinced that we would have failed without your program. I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to our continued success.”

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