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"One of the most in-depth self help programs I have ever encountered. Our very understanding of how we function is cleared and rejuvenated. A thoroughly rewarding journey into the self." -- Joann Turner, Editor, 'The Messenger' New Age Magazine


“Raphael Natale’s work represents an authentic light in the midst of the darkness. The application of his work has set free thousands of people in their personal and professional lives. Sit back and fasten your seatbelt on an adventure to rediscovering the authentic part of you." -- David French, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist


“A beautiful experience of love and acceptance of my inner self. Highly recommended!" -- Elizabeth Cleary


"The other classes I have taken gave me insight and realization beyond anything I could have imagined. The core training is what gave me the tools I needed to put those insights to use in my life." -- Eric Drew



The Art of Balance Audio CD Workshop consists of 4 CDS and a bonus meditation disk. The program incorporates techniques and technologies that bring self-awareness to a higher level through a series of Interviews, training sessions and guided workbook Instruction. The Core Balance Model's© Process is brought about by easily understood lectures, demonstrations and the lessons found in the workbook. The workbook is used in conjunction with the CDs to achieve The Core Balance Profile©. This process allows the individual to achieve dramatic improvements in their primary relationships, achieving deeper levels of intimacy, increasing self esteem, humor and lightness.


Also available on audio cassette


• 32 Page Workbook

• Individualized Tools

• Systematic Step-by-step 4-Week Approach

• Live Seminar Dialogue

• 4 CDs plus bonus Emotional Pain Release Meditation CD


Time-tested through corporations and individual seminars, this program incorporates new techniques and technologies that bring self-awareness to a higher level.


The Art of Balance Audio CD Workshop $249.00

Clinical Hypnotherapy 4 CD set $145.00

All four CDs described above.


Clinical Hypnotherapy CDs offer individual sessions to utilize the mind’s ability to create anew. Hypnotherapy is a fast, safe and gentle way to use your inner resources. We encourage you to listen to these programs repeatedly to reinforce these positive messages. These programs will enhance your ability to remove blocks 10 achieving your dreams and balance you emotionally. Major medical journals now recognize hypnotherapy as a legitimate and powerful clinical tool. Hypnosis works so well that close to 15,000 doctors today combine hypnotherapy with standard medical treatment, providing proof positive that hypnosis can help ease chronic pain, lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, counteract anxiety and sleep disorders, and much more. With the Authentic Technologies sessions, you can unlock the mind body connection to optimize physical health, break unwanted habits, and improve concentration and mental agility - hypnosis helps you tap the power of your subconscious mind, which rules your decision making on whatever you set your mind to achieve. Four clinically tested, guided sessions designed to help anyone begin self-healing in 25 minutes - even if you've never experienced hypnosis before.


Specify Volume Desired:


Volume 1: Clinical Hypnotherapy for Raising Self Esteem and Greater Self Confidence


Volume 2: Clinical Hypnotherapy for Reducing Stress and Creating Inner Peace


Volume 3: Clinical Hypnotherapy for Increasing Prosperity and Greater Abundance


Volume 4: Clinical Hypnotherapy for Improved Study Habits with Total Recall


Clinical Hypnotherapy CDs $49.95

Rid yourself of negative emotions in real time. This Audio CD Program is not a hypnosis program. It is a relaxation and release program to guide you to releasing your emotional pain and touching your emptiness.


Transcending any emotion is sitting down and dealing with it, fully feeling it, and allowing it to exist. This process will improve the quality and effectiveness of your life. As the audio program guides you through this effortless process, you will learn to let go of any unwanted emotions as they arise. then release the negative energy -- right on the spot in real time -- without getting overwhelmed and thereby maintaining your sanity, inner calmness, “balance" and resourcefulness ... even when under extreme pressure ... The pain created by attempting to cover your wound far exceeds the pain it takes to go through it. "The only way out is through" is not just a concept; it's a law. We must face the pain. The pain is real, this pain is the biggest challenge in all our lives, but it can be experienced and released in a meaningful way. Experiencing and releasing your original pain will become easier and easier as you face it with more regularity.


Audio CD program.

Embracing the Void $49.95

The Art of Balance Book offers a new way for individuals to look at themselves and their relationships. The author describes how he developed The Core Balance Model©, which gives the reader insight as to how our core dynamics affect the events and circumstances of our everyday life.


Written to help others achieve lasting personal harmony and peace of mind, the principals explained in The Art of Balance give the reader the opportunity to change their lives by learning how to utilize The Core Balance Profile© process.


132 page paperback

The Art of Balance Book $24.95

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