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Satisfied clients share their experiences working with Authentic Technologies and Raphael Natale

Martin Holtzman

Human Resources Executive - Alpha Therapeutic Corporation

"With a Degree in Psychology and ten years of Human Resources Management experience I felt I knew a lot about how to motivate people. But after our entire Human Resources Staff went through Raphael's six week Team building Course we experienced profound changes in all our personal relationships. Weve gone on to use Raphael in other departments to help make improvements in our entire company. If you really want to take a look at yourself and the way you interact with others and to be a more effective human being I highly recommend this course."

Jennifer Krips

Marketing Manager

"All the testimonials in the world won't mean a thing until you experience Raphael's workshop for yourself. The Core Balance Model is helping me find my passion for life again, and showing me that I have still so much to give. Thanks, Raphael, for showing me the way to share my gift and let go of the pain I have carried for far too long!" 

Barbara Foster

Bliss Keeler

"How grateful I am for the weeks spent working with you. Your keen, intuitive insights really helped me pinpoint the traps I set for myself. Your methods made it quite simple to understand how I could be rid of those traps. More importantly, you gave me the lifelong tools to keep me free."

Bonnie Butler 

Bright Ideas

"Raphael, I have to thank you for all of your help with my 'attitude' adjustment. The tools you gave me are really rewarding me in ways I didn't fully realize were possible. Thanks again for all of your help you really changed my life!"

Susan Bock

Bock Orchestrations

"Raphael, I just wanted to again thank you for your time, sharing, and willingness to help all of us become more of what we can be.  You are an inspiration, joy and delight to learn from and with!!"

Les McEwan

Zebra Technologies

"I find it difficult to express the level of gratitude I have for your patient, persistent method of presenting these tools. Your approach allowed me to openly and honestly evaluate the areas of myself that were holding me back and to discover my gifts that I can and will work within to achieve my full potential. I will carry with me always this experience as one of my life's best adventures. No matter what the future brings, it will be better having gone through this process with you. Thank-you for sharing your gifts with me."

Pat Levine

McMillin Realty

"The material presented is clear and simple, and your heartfelt delivery is the key to super results. The bottom line is, of course, how we are using what we've learned. It appears that some lasting changes are taking place. I expect this to directly affect production in a positive way, and will keep you posted."

Michael V. Akbar

SYNTONY  Financial Services, LLC

"I had done everything from the Silva Method, to Covey, Brian Tracy, Tony Robins, you name it, boy was I in for a surprise.  I thought I was about to “fix” my business, and the first results started to show in my marriage. By far this has been the most valuable investment I have made in my personal and professional life. This program has changed the way I am approaching my business, my clients, and almost every situation in life and I see the results in the level of trust and quality of business I have started to develop. I am indebted to Raphael for helping me figure out my mission in life, replacing the helplessness model with one of accountability and the gift I am now so excited to share with others."

Donna Parker

Certified Financial Planner - Transamerica Companies

"Since starting the Profile Workshop my business has increased tremendously. The increase in my production has resulted in less stress and more fun. I not only feel an excitement about my business now, but I derive a great sense of gratification and fulfillment from the work I do. On a personal note, even though my husband did not participate in the Workshop, our relationship is the best it has ever been. Prior to entering the Workshop we were about to seek marital counseling. Now, I am enjoying the kind of marriage I've always wanted to have. Raphael, thank you! Your work has profoundly and deeply affected every aspect of my life."

Brenda Tsuchiyama

Realtor - Tarbell Realtors

"What a gift you have been in my life! Thank you so much for your no nonsense, non-judgmental honesty and support. The 'agreements' I hold for myself are helping me experience the enrichment of a higher consciousness. My sales volume has been fantastic. In a two week period I opened five escrows and signed a well priced listings' You have also given me the tools and guidance to improve my spiritual and personal life. Finally, I am becoming a more conscious, caring, happy person."

Robert S. Kollen, M.D. 

Internal Medicine

"The time I spent learning and growing in your seminar has been a great help to me. I feel very confident in recommending this course to others."

Dale Fawcett

The Fawcett Research Center

"I found that the inner strength that the coaching has given me has provided a peace of mind that I have never experienced. Both my business and personal life have blossomed due to these techniques. And the best part is that I don't have to keep coming back to 'get it.' You freely give everything away and I have all the tools to keep growing with this wonderful technology. I have never seen anything like it."

Jeffrey K. Hansler

National Advancement Corporation

"I will hold what I have learned for the remainder of this life and pass it on whenever I have the opportunity. What I have learned from your coaching has already had a profound impact on my life and my views of life. The principles have contributed directly to the recent successes for me and those around me in my personal and professional endeavors."

Adela Trainor

Product Administrator - Southern California Edison

"It has been a while since I've completed the training. I would like to bring you up to date. My life has been dramatically enhanced. My career is absolutely wonderful, I am enjoying my job more than I ever have. Jacob, my son, is doing great in school. His attitude is changing, his grades are up from C's and D's to A's and B's, and his behavior is 100% better. I had no idea so much could change by beginning with myself."

Melissa Dugan, SPHR

Zebra Technologies

“Raphael has provided individual and group coaching for various associates and departments at Zebra Technologies. He is diligent in assessing the root cause of concerns and developing holistic strategies to address them. He has helped to turn around some very problematic interpersonal situations and transform employees into contributors. He is an engaging facilitator who holds the attention of a group, and the programs he provides offer value to a variety of individuals and businesses.”

C. Brian Conners

Professional Financial Advisors, Inc.

“Raphael possesses extraordinary talent and ability in coaching executives and individuals using the fine art of visionary programming. He is a master at his craft and has helped me and many others with his genius in state of the art neuro sensory technologies to focus our energy and talents to generate breakthrough business results. I highly recommend Raphael to anyone seeking to make transformational changes in their business and personal lives.”

Adela Trainor

Product Administrator - Southern California Edison

"At the time of our seminar, our company was going through major changes. The tools learned allowed me and my co-workers to feel more in charge of my destiny."


John Beckett

Branch Manager - Coldwell Banker

"I would like to acknowledge to you and anyone contemplating having you come to their office meeting that I and my team thoroughly enjoyed your entertaining presentation. I feel that we learned a lot about the limitations of our comfort zones and about our expectations of performance."

Maureen J. Bauer 

Vice President - Century 21 Professionals

"Based upon my own experience at the workshop and later conversation with the attendees, I know your unique concepts have had a positive effect on our individual goal setting and reward practices."

Martin Schwan

Director of Program Management - Zebra Technologies

"Having Raphael as an executive coach has helped me tremendously by giving me the tools and understanding to ‘get out of my own way’ and contribute more consistently at a level closer to my full potential. I’m more productive, more supportive of those around me, more able to spot win-win opportunities and have stronger relationships. These tools and techniques will continue to help me throughout my career and personal life."

Marilyn J. Bond 

Canyon Lock & Key

"Prior to your course, I felt stuck. Now I experience each moment as new and fresh. Truly, all is well in my world as my improved marriage and business are a testimonial to. Your course is the most gentle, supportive and influential teaching I have ever encountered. God bless you, Raphael, I will always be thankful to you. I would highly recommend your seminar to anyone who is ready to take control of their life and willing to work to discover the happiness within themselves."

James Weiss

Director, Business Affairs - Yahoo Inc.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for all of your hard work. Your program provided a clear, concise, and effective structure to analyze a given situation and how best to respond. In addition I have learned to become more flexible, as well as how to transform a potentially unproductive discussion into productive dialog. Your approach on how to create a Win-Win Situation has proven invaluable. I welcome the opportunity to work with you in the future."

Donna Parker, CLU

South Orange County Chambers of Commerce

"Our members and their guests felt you shared from the heart. Even with an audience of our size everyone felt your special touch. We all know, now, that we can 'reach' farther than we thought possible! Please accept our gratitude and congratulations on a job very well done."

Gloria Manchester

Multi-Services Escrow

"It is a pleasure to write today to express my appreciation for the privilege of having experienced your Coaching Intensive. The six week session sometimes seems like six years, and very often felt like my heart might burst out of my chest - wow!"

Emilee Flischer 

CME Professionals

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for sharing your gifts and talent with us at our August 7 networking meeting. Several people expressed their appreciation and enjoyment of your presentation to Maria and me at the end of the meeting; and the phone calls and notes we've received since then reaffirm the success of the workshop."


Randy Hunt

President - Next Step Consulting

“Raphael is a dedicated and artful consultant/trainer who is committed to the outcomes of his clients and creates sustainable results. He is a caring human being whom you can trust to guide you along the journey you may be unfamiliar with.”

Speaker Services

Los Angeles, CA

"The word that came to mind when I first spoke with Raphael Natale was "authentic," and that was before I knew the name of his company: Authentic Technologies. His background in helping individuals and organizations deal with change, stress, productivity, growth, and other issues is phenomenal, but what I sensed was his dedication and caring. This is so important in a wellness coach. You can sense his commitment to helping you change your life."

Vision Workshop Testimonials

Karen Bergh

Rainmaker Pro, Inc.

"What I can say that may be for publication, if you need it: "I had strayed somewhat from my beginning vision, from when I founded the company three years ago. The vision workshop helped remind me of where I needed to be, and I made a few decisions as a result. The class participation was good, and it appeared that the APC members learned a lot from one another."

Mark Friedman

The Velos Group

"The Vision Workshop helped me focus why I was starting my business, besides to make some money. It caused me to look deeper within myself to find the internal motivation that would help energize my daily efforts. It was a couple of hours that were among the best I've spent in my professional life and I would recommend it highly to any consultant just starting out. It has helped keep me motivated after getting days and weeks of rejection or no action.”

Steve Grove

"The Vision Workshop made my year. I now have a clear vision of the future. The Workshop provided the missing piece of the puzzle. It also changed my attitude towards life. I am a happier person."

Leslie Rose-Dethloff

“Raphael's Vision workshop was a fun and enlightening experience. He showed us how the concept of vision could be leveraged to help us to grow both personally and professionally and how that vision will help us succeed. As a fairly new consultant it made me realize my direction needed more definition and purpose. Raphael's easy step-by-step process made it less painful than I might have expected. And, the real bonus is that it's a tool you can use throughout your career and personal life to continually re access and grow.”

Terri Olson

HR Prescriptions

“This workshop helped my colleague and I rewrite our vision, mission statement and we're proceeding on our business plan. It was time well spent!”

Lesley Feinberg

"It was a truly enlightening session and you are an excellent leader. I am re-energized and full with fresh hope and fulfilling intentions.”

Jim Kreder

"The seminar was useful to force me to think about some things I don't normally think about.”

Hank Goldman

"It was a remarkable program in many ways. My participation has caused me to reflect on how I conduct my business and where and how I can go from here.”

The Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo

"Dear Raphael,I want to thank you for helping our organization to develop a Vision Statement and for the team building that occurred as a result of your efforts. You gave us your time, talent and energy, but most of all, you gave us your love.A tangible product of our evening is our new vision statement, which reads as follows:We, of the Boys and Girls Club of Camarillo, aspire to serve the youth and community by developing strong future leaders, by instilling integrity, honesty, respect, foresight, and by providing a fun and safe environment for all who walk through our doors.You became involved with the Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo because of your dedication to the most vulnerable of our society-our children and youth. We all know that is why you gave so generously of your time and we thank you for that.Thank you for believing in the Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo and in the children and youth we serve.


In Gratitude,

Greg Stuart


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