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Clinical Hypnotherapy CD Volume 4

Clinical Hypnotherapy CD Volume 4

Clinical Hypnotherapy CDs offer individual sessions to utilize the mind’s ability to create anew. Hypnotherapy is a fast, safe and gentle way to use your inner resources. We encourage you to listen to these programs repeatedly to reinforce these positive messages. These programs will enhance your ability to remove blocks 10 achieving your dreams and balance you emotionally. Major medical journals now recognize hypnotherapy as a legitimate and powerful clinical tool. Hypnosis works so well that close to 15,000 doctors today combine hypnotherapy with standard medical treatment, providing proof positive that hypnosis can help ease chronic pain, lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, counteract anxiety and sleep disorders, and much more. With the Authentic Technologies sessions, you can unlock the mind body connection to optimize physical health, break unwanted habits, and improve concentration and mental agility - hypnosis helps you tap the power of your subconscious mind, which rules your decision making on whatever you set your mind to achieve. Four clinically tested, guided sessions designed to help anyone begin self-healing In 25 minutes - even if you've never experienced hypnosis before.
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    Volume 1. Clinical Hypnotherapy for Raising Self esteem and Greater Self Confidence

    Volume 2: Clinical Hypnotherapy for Reducing Stress and Creating Inner Peace

    Volume 3; Clinical Hypnotherapy for Increasing Prosperity and Greater Abundance

    Volume 4: Clinical Hypnotherapy for Improved Study Habits with Total Recall
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