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Embracing the Void

Embracing the Void

Rid yourself of negative emotions in real time. This Audio CD Program is not a hypnosis program. It is a relaxation and release program to guide you to releasing your emotional pain and touching your emptiness. Transcending any emotion is sitting down and dealing with it, fully feeling it, and allowing it to exist. This process will improve the quality and effectiveness of your life. As the audio program guides you through this effortless process, you will learn to let go of any unwanted emotions as they arise. then release the negative energy -- right on the spot in real time -- without getting overwhelmed and thereby maintaining your sanity, inner calmness, “balance" and resourcefulness ... even when under extreme pressure ... The pain created by attempting to cover your wound far exceeds the pain it takes to go through it. "The only way out is through" is not just a concept; it's a law. We must face the pain. The pain is real, this pain is the biggest challenge in all our lives, but it can be experienced and released in a meaningful way. Experiencing and releasing your original pain will become easier and easier as you face it with more regularity.
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    Audio CD program.
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